The reason behind the debut of 5 Indian fielders

The captain of the Indian team in Sri Lanka has something to add about the fielding debut by India. India launched five new fielders in the internationals against Sri Lanka yesterday. Although India did not win the match, the match was an iconic one for the team.

India tour of Sri Lanka

The five players to join India in the internationals are Chetan Sakariya, Nitish Rana, Sanju Samson, Rahul Chahar, and Krishnappa Gowtham. Adding the new players was not a significant risk for the team because they had already scored the series. Yet, the sudden considerable change led to a bit of a rush in the match.  

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So, the captain took to explaining and went ahead with talking about the match first. He said that the game was at a good pace before the interruption by rain. He said that he was happy with the start, but it did not go the way they wanted. They were expecting to score 50 runs more than what they were able to. He expressed his sadness over the sudden loss of wickets in the middle overs. 

Expressing his satisfaction about the players who joined the internationals, he said that he was glad that they entered. He confided that the debut was needed because everyone was quarantined for a long time. The players needed this chance to evolve, and this match was a worthwhile chance. He even pointed out that the debut was possible only because they had already pulled the series towards India.

Talking about the game, Shikhar added that he found the end fight by his boys interesting. He appreciated the efforts of each player and anticipated that the team needed to learn and evolve further to achieve what’s required. Now Shikhar and the boys are looking forward to the T20 series starting on 25th July.