Team India has a fun drill in England – IND tour of ENG

Before fighting the hosts, India enjoys and makes the most of their leisure time by having fun drills. Yesterday a Twitter video came around by the coach Sridhar who gave the brief if exercise. The team was divided into two. One led by the captain Kohli and the other by lead off-spinner Ashwin.

India tour of England

As the title suggested, the team had the pleasure while doing these drills. They seem to be ready to be hands-on with the English team. The practice included practicing ball throwing and tackling with the bat. Throws and Direct hits were practiced specifically. The coach, R Sridhar, explained that practicing the direct impacts is important. 

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Throwing was practiced with agility and a change of direction. The coach observed everything to tap fingers on mistakes. After the practice, the team was made in two, who faced each other. The coach informed that the Kohli-led team won the match 10-8. 

Further, he added that the Ashwin and Pujara led team was convinced that they won the match. The English team is facing Pakistan and will join India after the series. Although in the meantime, India would play with a selected county XI to have a warmup. 

There are eyes ready to experience the battle between both teams. Ian Chappell, the former Australian Skipper, had to add some tips to the Indian team. He said that India and England have good players that the upcoming test tournament between them can test. 

He added the fact that the capacity of India to win against Australia is appreciable. The last time India and Australia faced each other various mistakes was calculated by Australia. But the battle between Indian and English teams would bring up multiple potentials of both the teams.