Sri Lankan players are getting criticized by fans

Fans are not giving a chance to Sri Lankan players; more humiliation follows

After an enormous victory of England over Sri Lanka the Lankan population hosted a protest against the players. The fans suggested that the players should be unfollowed from their social media because they are unable to perform. One such tweet said, “if they are unable to perform for the country, they do not deserve our attention”.

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The backlash of the netizens against the cricketers is lowering the confidence of Lankan players. The campaign caught the attention of everyone on social media and it is observed that many crickets lost a huge number of followers. The shambled Sri Lankan players need their fans the most right now as they would welcome India for another series. But the Lankan buffs have something else in mind.

Sri Lankan cricket seems in peril because fans have disowned the players with a hashtag #unfollowcricketers. This would put a lot of pressure on Lankan crickets, whether the pressure would yield good results or bad is a test of time. The fans are rigid over the thought that these ” players do not deserve social media attention”.

The vice-captain of the team Kushal Mendis and the opener of Sri Lanka saw resentment by aficionados of cricket. Some of the connoisseurs said that this was the worst performance of the team in thirty years. Even the experts are saying that the performance was unfortunate and it can bring misery to the country’s cricket. Some of the fans are criticizing the younger cricketers, wailing that they cannot perform.

India versus Sri Lanka series will start from 13 July and the team led by Shikhar has left for Colombo today. Team India’s coach Rahul Dravid announced that they are surely going to win over Sri Lanka. And this would bring an opportunity for the fresh players who would be leading Indian cricket in the future.