Reactions on Former Lankan Captain’s remark

Former Sri Lankan player called the Indian team led by Shikhar Dhawan a Second String Indian team. Afterward, his words declared that Sri Lanka should not host this tournament because no one is serious about it.

Sri Lanka Cricket

This snide remark by Ranatunga led to a heated debate between some Indians and Sri Lankans on Twitter. Indians said that Ranatunga is wrong and insulting the team. And the positive thing was that a major amount of Sri Lankan netizens supported Indians too.

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Ex Indian player and now commentator Akash Chopra said that Ranatunga should care about the state of his own country’s team. Instead of calling Indian teams such snide remarks, he should look out for Sri Lanka.

Akash Chopra added that new teams like Afghanistan have qualified for the T20 world championship but Sri Lanka has yet to qualify. Even ex-players like Sodhi said that Ranatunga will have to eat his own words.

In a conversation with India news, Sodhi said that neither the coach nor the captain of India would care about this remark by Ranatunga. The Indian captain Dhawan has reached Colombo with his team to win over Sri Lanka. Dravid is paving the way for the National team as a coach with due care and precise supervision.

Players like Kapil Dev also supported the Indian team and called out remarks of Ranatunga. Akash Chopra also named Prithvi Shaw as the future storm of India. He said that players like Kohli, Rohit, and KL Rahul are the pillars of the Indian National team but the players like Shaw are the future cards.

Supporting this comment Chopra added that the Indian team has the power to play against any country. No matter if players like Kohli or Rohit are present or not the team would perform its best.