Raina talks about Kohli picking up a trophy

After the World Test Cricket Championship loss, everyone is talking about the captaincy of the present captain of the Indian team. Everyone has their comment over the performance of the player. Some are supporting him, while some of the players think he needs to give much more than what he does.

Virat Kohli

Some of the debaters say that Kohli should stick to Test captaincy only because India has won the most number of  Test matches that is 33 only in his leadership. However, giving others a chance before the 2023 world cup to try leading in T20 as well as ODI formats.

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Recently Raina presented his ramping thoughts on the captain. His statement announced that Kohli has not been able to win even an IPL trophy yet. Therefore, winning an International Cricket Championship is a bit difficult for him. But if the given time he can bring at least one back to home.

He even acknowledged that India went to the finals of the World Test Championship in his captaincy. Which might have been hard for any other captain in the present scenario. Raina believes that Kohli has achieved so much more than others leading a cricket team. But he has not even achieved an IPL trophy.

Even after reaching finals. Raina did not forget to add that Kohli is one player who is the number one batsman in the world. He said that Virat’s records prove everything. Hence he would get his hands on an ICC trophy at least once. Raina asserted that even reaching finals is hard because if you make even small mistakes you can miss out on a good chance. Consequently, the present captain is doing a good job but he needs to give some more effort to bring an international trophy home.