Rahul Applied for Post of NCA’s Chief Head Coach Again

Rahul Dravid is one inspirational coach for young players in India. Now he has applied for the post of chief in the National Cricket Academy. This news brings two major aspects to the situation. First, that he would not become coach of the national team of India anytime soon. And the second aspect is that he still wants to create and mold the future of young players and minds in the country.

Rahul Dravid

On top of all this, the most important news is that he is the sole applicant for the post. No one else has yet applied for the post. To call out some more applications, the BCCI has extended the deadline for submitting the applications. Rahul’s contract had been finished during the last few days and therefore he reapplied for the post.

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The rumors of Dravid replacing now head coach of team India, Ravi Shastri had been fastened now. The people were speculating that Rahul would replace Ravi after the T20 world cup. Sources of BCCI said that Rahul had changed the face of NCA and he would not let the academy lose in the future ever. To do so he needs to nurture the Academy.

The source also said that no one else would be able to do such things for the academy that Rahul provided. But keeping all the things aside, the BCCI has kept the window open for the interested candidates who want to apply to help groom the players. The deadline for application was 15 August but now it has been extended.

Earlier this year Dravid was coaching team India for the Sri Lanka tour. He was expected to perform seamless coaching. But like every coach Rahul had to face criticism as well as praise for victory.