People’s opinions about Hundred Cricket Format

Hundred Cricket, What did people have to say about this format

We have the three official formats of cricket. The original format, which is the oldest format, the Test Cricket, One Day that is 50 overs mostly preferred embodiment of cricket by various countries, and the short format with only 20 overs T20s. Due to the short length of the T20, it is criticized by various cricketers. 

Hundred Cricket

But have you ever felt the need for any new format? If you ever wanted the new format, then what was the length of the format? Was it more than 50 overs or even less than 20 overs? Even if you have never wondered about any such question, a new format with new rules and a new length is introduced in the cricket world. 

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Therefore, now is the time that we welcome the newest innovation in cricket. The shortest form is known as the Hundred Cricket. Since the time it was announced, it has received a huge backlash from various cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar. 

The majority of critics of this format were veterans. All the critics had one central concern in their words that this format would destroy the real essence of cricket. Whereas some even supported the format. Ravichandran Ashwin is one of them. 

The celebrated Indian spinner has warm words about this format which is only 100 balls. After watching the first match, he said that we should not conclude anything about the format without watching it. This would be like judging a movie without watching it in the theatres.

Even former English captain Naseer Hussain welcomed the format. He feels that the format will live depending on its quality. The format kicked off finally in July 2021 after five years of speculation. England and Wales cricket board are hosting the format for women as well as men.