Olympic Bronze in Hockey brought happiness to cricketers

As the men’s hockey team brought Bronze after a draught of 41 years for Indian hockey, it is a time of celebration now. With everyone supporting the hockey team affectionately, even Indian cricketers joined the celebration and applauded the group. The victory was historic; therefore, various cricketers expressed their feelings to the whole world.

Indian Hockey Team

When it looked like India would have to wait for another chance to get a medal in the Olympics for hockey, the team did things that were prayed for by everyone. India thumped Germany with a score of 5-4 and achieved this, awaiting victory. An appreciated thanks goes to the coach Graham Reid who prepared the whole team to achieve big.

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Wasim Jaffar took to the internet to congratulate the whole team members individually. He said that every 16 members were important who made this dream come true. He even added that these people would inspire the young generation. VVS Lakshman was another one who appreciates this victory after 1980. He congratulated the whole team and said that the fight was worth it. 

Virendra Sehwag announced, “Chak De Fatty,” which means victory is ours. His other words declared that he enjoyed the whole match. Even Sachin took to Twitter to praise the players and team members of the Indian National Hockey team in Tokyo. His words indicated that he appreciates the “hard-fought win.” 

He spoke for every citizen and added that the whole of India is proud of these warriors with hockey sticks in their hands. Gautam Gambhir said that this bronze victory in the Olympics is greater than the World Cup victory. Now every heart in India wants the women’s hockey team to achieve historic success too. They have to face Great Britain for the match, which will decide the fate of the Bronze.