Krunal Pandeya found Covid positive in Sri Lanka

India tour of Sri Lanka 2nd T20 got reschedule due to covid

It is sad news for cricket fans here as India vs Sri Lanka T20 will be postponed today. But the reason behind the information is way more terrible than the news itself. The only reason for the match to be delayed is Krunal Pandeya being positive with coronavirus. While the player himself is positive other players may be infected as well. 

Krunal Pandya

To get away from the risk, the whole squad would have to be quarantined. And you guessed it correctly the T20 match would not be played today. BCCI informed via Twitter at 4:27 PM IST on 27th July that Krunal tested positive in his RT-PCR test. Others in the team are waiting for the results of their RT-PCR test. 

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Now the entire team is in a pretty tricky position as chances are members who were closely in contact with Krunal would be infected. A BCCI official said that if other players receive negative results for the test, the postponed match will be resumed on Wednesday. Now, this issue will affect the travels of Prithvi and Suryakumar as well.

If any further team members are found positive, they would have to be quarantined, and the travel plans of Shaw and Yadav would also be considered again. Both the players were being sent to England to join the team there for the upcoming test match.  The last T20 match is supposed to be played on Thursday. Only the RT-PCR test results would enable the BCCI to decide for the players and the matches with Sri Lanka. So do not wait for the match to begin at 8 PM IST on your screen; instead, you would have to wait for the next update by BCCI about the test results of players.