Justin Langer receives backup from Cricket Australia

When a team performs unexpectedly badly the coach gets under pressure. Because a coach must check the good aspects of players and benefit the whole team from it. Nowadays Justin Langer is receiving scrutiny. Langer is the coach for Cricket Australia’s main team since 2018.

Justin Langer

He is expected to give the Australian team a definite orientation that would give them a chance to win the upcoming T20 World Cup. Unfortunately, Australia lost the most recent match with Bangladesh. The score was 4-1 resulting in Bangladesh as the winner of the series. This was a completely startling result. No one had expected that Australia would fail so bitterly. 

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But while the whole world is criticizing the ways and methods used by Langer, the Australian association for cricket, Cricket Australia is backing him. The chief executive of Cricket Australia, Nick Hockley said that Justin has done a lot for the Australian squad since the day he joined.

Australia is supposed to face England next for the upcoming Ashes series with England. But the dressing room seems to be restless since returning from Bangladesh. He is being analyzed over his smallest mistakes and loopholes in any of the methods used. 

Although the chief executive of CA believes that he has helped in restoring the public’s belief in the Australian team. He is even being berated for the disagreement with a journalist of Cricket Australia. The scrutiny is dating back to the loss of Australia from India early this year.

Even the Australian team lost the New Zealand tour, although instead, Langer Andrew McDonald had stepped up as coach that time. Australia has lost a total of 2 test series in their own home under Langer’s direction. That has made things a little bit difficult for Justin, but hopefully, this pressure would be released from him with CA’s support.