Gautam Gambhir talked about T20 responsibility

Huge responsibility over two players in T20 said Gautam Gambhir

T20 world cup groups are announced and India and Pakistan are in the same group. While the fans were very excited to know the outcome, they also wanted to see India Pakistan in the final together. Now being in the same group only one of them will go to the final and before that, they would fight tooth and nail to stop each other.

T20 World Cup

Being together in the same group means both the teams would face each other to show the face of loss. Pakistan is a team that is experienced in playing T20. Whereas right now India is standing with the youngsters. Therefore former cricket player Gautam Gambhir said that two of the Indian players would have the most responsibility.

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Gautam said because most of the team members are new to the ICC championship they need to be guided. He even suggested names of players who would guide the whole team. He suggested that Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are the most senior players on the team. Therefore they are the ones who need to guide the team as well as take all responsibility for them.

Further, he added that Rohit was a player to score a century at the 2019 world cup match between India and Pakistan. Just like Rohit, Kohli scored a half-century as well. According to all their experiences, they are the most important pillars of the team.

He said that young players get the best of their emotions. He added his own experience saying that when he played against Pakistan he was more excited and nervous than playing against other countries. But in game-like cricket, there should be no chance for emotions. Hence, VK and Sharma would have to play by holding the whole team together.