Ganguly said, wearing masks every time is impossible

Late in the evening, the BCCI announced the players who have been tested positive for the coronavirus. They declared that the first Indian player to be tested positive for the virus was Rishabh Pant. He was attending the Euro Championship matches without wearing a mask with his acquaintance.

Sourav Ganguly

He is said to be infected by the crowd at the stadium. As BCCI announced the Pant being tested positive on 8th July, netizens started connecting the dots on Twitter. It became a raw wild re of the forest, and the player was being blamed for jeopardizing others because of his reckless behavior.

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BCCI tried to save the player by saying that he went to quarantine himself at his acquaintance’s as soon as he was tested positive. At this, they were lashed by comments saying he should have better be safe than sorry. The opinion war started on Twitter, and the netizens were coming to no end.

Can explain why BCCI chose to hide the news initially and only announced it when Pant entered the recovery phase. Being BCCI President, Saurav Ganguly needs to take responsibility for all the Indian players. So he did so by standing with Pant. His comments came in an interview with News18 media.

Although his intentions were pure, he went a little too much with his comments to save the Indian keeper. He went too frigid and said that it is impossible to wear a mask all the time. Other than Pant, one other Indian player had been tested positive recently.

After this, Ganguly was asked about his worries over the whole team ending up like England. His answer said that he is not worried about any such things and players are ” on their own.”