Eion Morgan speaks up on Stokes Indefinite Break

Ben Stokes announced to go on a break from all formats of cricket for an indefinite time. Stoke spilled the beans on the news last Friday when he announced on 30th July that he would not be a part of India’s team for the test match. It took many by surprise. 

Ben Stokes

Although his fellow teammates supported his decision and cheered him, the decision was also lauded by Kumar Sangakara, Sreevats Goswami, Michael Vaughan, and Asley Giles. Now Eion Morgan favored him, saying it is a right call by Ben, and he respects the decision. 

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Morgan said that he supports his teammates, and if they want a break for remedying mental health, it is good for them. He believes it will benefit the performances of players in the long run. He has also supported players previously for taking breaks to spend time with family. 

Morgan also appreciated the support staff of the English team for listening to the players. He said that it makes a good environment when you can speak up and be listened to. Morgan is currently captain of London Spirit in The Hundred organized by England and Wales cricket boards.

Stokes joined the national team of England against Pakistan only in July. He was on a break on a journey to recover from his finger injury. He took the position of captain when the whole English team had to follow isolation due to Covid infection. He did a good job while leading the team.

He decided to take a break from cricket and focus on his mental health, demanding his scrutiny. Stokes also said that he needs some more time for his finger injury. He expects to focus on his skills while taking rest and spending time with acquaintances and family.