Dravid has to add something for Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri had a pleasant career as a coach in the Indian cricket team. Sometimes people were blatant about his technique whether he was also appreciated for some of the huge success of the team. But his tenure is suggested to end here by some time.

Ravi Shastri

It is believed that new people should be given chances to make up for the 2023 world cup. The retired Indian cricketer Reetindar Singh Sodhi suggested that Shastri should continue as coach only if India wins the T20 world cup this year.

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Sodhi suggested that India has achieved victory over teams like Australia being a guest in their grounds. Which seems like a tiny accomplishment but is a good one. He even added that reaching the final of the World Test Championship is a huge deal.

But once the duo of Kohli-Shastri would get their hands on ICC trophies such as the T20 trophy it would be ridiculous to remove Shastri. Whereas for this Dravid is suggesting that there is too much pressure on his “Ravi Bhai”.

He thinks that if given a full chance Shastri can help the Indian team achieve big successes like an ICC cup. Dravid is presently a coach for the Indian team in Sri Lanka. It is assumed that he would be suggested as the next coach once Shastri retires.

But Dravid suggests Shastri has given much to Indian cricket than he is accounted for. He said that Shastri has been a great player in his days. As well as his game his coaching has brought India to achieve the smaller milestones as well. When it comes to winning an international trophy he has missed at finals but that can be corrected at the T20s as an opportunity. Therefore, the upcoming T20 world cup is significant for India.