Dhoni had the confidence of a different level

Former cricketer Akash Chopra is now a commentator. He is an opinionated person who always comes with new comments over players, their performances, and their ability and skills. Recently he added something about Dhoni on his YouTube video on his official channel.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

When it comes to captaincy, Dhoni’s name is going to live for centuries. Chopra said that Dhoni understands the game properly. He leads, but he acts as a support system for the team. This quality makes a leader great, and it helps the players to be steady while performing. 

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Another point that Chopra added which is a really important trait in leaders. Dhoni never reflects his emotions while on the field. He keeps his “poker face” on. When the leader stays calm, the players under him act peacefully as well. In his entire career, it was rare to see Dhoni “losing his cool”. 

Dhoni believed in the players, and he gave them a chance to exhibit their talent. He lets them act candidly in their game. He stayed by their side, which gave them confidence. While every player knows if anything goes wrong in the team, Dhoni will handle and even take the blame.

As a leader taking responsibility for the actions of players is very important. He understands which player can deal with what circumstances. Chopra gave the example of Deepak Chahar. Deepak said that Dhoni prepared him for the Death Bowling. Adding another comment, Chopra said that “he allows you the wings and gives you the sky to fly”. 

Related to the same trait of Dhoni, Chopra said that “Dhoni grooms the players”. He said that he meant that captains like Saurav Ganguly used to choose the best players for his team. But Dhoni used to get the best out of his players.