CPL will be using Smart Ball, but what is it?

This year CPL will feature an interesting kind of addition to professional cricket. The addition is being called “Smart Ball”. Yes, after smartphones and smart homes you will be introduced to smart balls. It is being believed that this new technology will be quite useful in cricket but first we need to know why the ball is smart and how it works.


Taking on the question, the answer is that a smart ball is a ball that contains an electronic chip in its core. The chip would be used to gain information about power, speed, and spin with the perspective of the ball itself. The collected data would help the players, associations as well as organizers to find the truth that stays hidden.

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The technology is mindblowing and the best part is that the chip present in the core does not affect the ball in any way. This means this smart ball that is being manufactured by Kookaburra is like any other Kookaburra ball. But in addition, it would help to gain the data that is useful for you.

The ball was tested and verified at the University of Queensland. Even third parties have verified the ball by testing it. The interesting thing is that the ball has already had a blind test in the Marsh Cup. The test aimed to spot any reaction of players without telling them about the ball. The players did not react as they felt nothing new about the balls.

This innovation is being compared with the addition of technologies like the third umpire in cricket. This ball is expected to replace the traditional ball in international fixtures if it works as expected in the CPL 2021. Even if it would not be as good as expected in its first official use the technology would be improved according to time.