Could cricket be a part of the Olympic

It is possible that cricket can make a re-entry in the Olympics

On Saturday, Neeraj Chopra won us gold in the Olympics. He is an athlete, and this victory made the Tokyo Olympics the most extraordinary Olympics of India to date. India has one gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze medals, which makes seven awards for the country. 

Tokyo Olympic

We are standing at the 48th position right now, and hopefully, we will do better in the next Olympics. There are not a lot of games in the Olympics that India participates in. But this year, we sent players for golf and horse riding too. Unfortunately, they missed receiving the medals, but the participation was good enough. 

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India lost a medal in hockey to the women’s team, but the men won bronze. India could not qualify for the widely popular game football, which makes everyone wonder what if cricket was part of the Olympics? We can say we would have won something more in cricket. 

Our nation is crazy about cricket, and if the game is introduced in the Olympics, it would not be for the first time. It used to be a part of the Olympics till the year 1900. After that year, the game was removed, saying it is not popular among enough population to make participate in Olympics. 

The reason is that only 106 countries are members of ICC, and only 12 of them are Full Members, and others are only associates. Therefore, the ICC is trying to make the game popular with a broad population.  The International Cricket Committee has been in discussion with the International Olympic Committee since 2008. After the tricky tries to popularize, the game ICC feels they have been somewhat successful. It is being speculated that cricket could be re-introduced in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.