Corona started affecting team India in England

Delays in Sri Lanka pinned India due to increasing cases of coronavirus there. This unsettling news came just last week, and now we received bad news from England. One player has been found positive among the team present in

India tour of Sri Lanka

The BCCI hasn’t yet disclosed the player’s name, but they announced that the player is quarantined. The player would not be able to join the team at Durham. The team is supposed to y there on Thursday for the practice matches.

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23 Indian cricket players are present in England for the upcoming Test match against the hosting country starting in August. Few of the England team players and staff had been tested positive after they faced Sri Lanka and had been
captive in quarantine.

An entirely new team was created with Ben Stokes as captain to face Pakistan. When one of the Indian players is tested positive for the virus, the risks have started to increase. To prevent all the fuss, BCCI had suggested the players
avoid crowded areas through their letters.

Already Shubhman Gill is injured and will miss the test series if India misses more players to Corona. It would be overwhelming for the team. The BCCI also explained that the player has only mild symptoms and others are safe now.

He’s been staying at an acquaintance’s for his quarantine duration. It is assumed that the delta variant of the virus infects the player. BCCI has strictly reminded the players again to follow the covid norms.

In an email sent to the players discussing the norms, BCCI head Shah stated that due to the goodwill of ECB, they would arrange the second dose for the players in England. Shah informed the media that all 22 out of 23 players had
been tested negative for the virus at the moment.