Chris Carnis admit to the hospital due to health issues

It is sad news when Chris Carnis is lying in a hospital bed fighting for life. The veteran all-rounder of New Zealand is facing a critical health crisis and is hospitalized. He was having a serious cardiac problem since last week. He was admitted to the hospital for a long time, and his wife opened up about this problem on Wednesday. She claimed that the situation was a major health event for Carnis at this point of age. 

Chris Carnis

His wife said that he is serious, but recently his health has stabilized. This difficult ordeal has made it difficult for his friends and family. They are having a miserable time while Chris, aged 51, is on the hospital bed receiving intensive care from the nursing staff to make him better again. Being admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sidney is kept safe on life support. 

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It was reported that he had an aortic dissection that resulted in a tear in the inner layer of the body’s main artery. His wife described the condition as difficult, upsetting, and concerning. His health started to see a bad phase in Canberra. After that, he was admitted to Melbourne then shifted to Sidney. 

The fans reacted warmly to this news. Friends and family thanked the fans for their reaction and well wishes. The family wants some secluded time and had asked fans to stay courageous while no further news would be made until any major development in his health. 

The New Zealand cricket fraternity expressed their sadness over the news and said they are with Chris’s family. Praising Chris and his gaming, they said that he was a good father, husband. After praising his game and style, they wished his health to recover faster and to recover soon.