Chris Cairns is facing Paralysis after his Heart Surgery

A few weeks ago Chris Cairns the celebrated New Zealand cricketer was hospitalized after receiving a heart stroke. To help him recover from the stroke he has to go through heart surgery that helped him to be off life support. But the surgery left him with a bad recall.

Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns is now facing Paralysis in his legs after his Heart Surgery that saved his life. The surgery was needed after a heart condition in which a tear evolved in the lining of a major artery. The surgery was performed in an emergency in Sidney. He is aged 51 and has been one of the best all-rounders in the early 2000s.

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His family said that this is going to be “a long road to recovery”. He has returned to Canberra to get on the way again but his medical condition is still severe. He was already on life support since last month and the stroke in his heart has put a great toll on his medical condition.

To recover from this situation he would have to undergo a rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation process would be performed at a hospital with a specialty in spinal injuries. His family is already trying to make some progress in recovery and is supporting him.

Cairns and his family feel thankful for the fans who provided blessings and support to them. They also appreciated them for being respectful about their privacy. Cairns would be in his home city and would try to recover fully from the beet.

Cairns was a celebrated player and is known for his record of 87 sixes at a time. Cairns was upset with his reputation being scorched after receiving allegations for match-fixing that he already denied and received clearance from the court as well.