Chahar is an all-rounder, finishing with a four: Viru

What Chahar did in the second ODI with Sri Lanka is not what everyone can do. Hence he is being appreciated by everyone around him. Recently the former cricketer Virendra Sehwag said that he is a brilliant rounder, and India can use him in the long run. With this comment, Sehwag added a few more words of wisdom. 

Virendra Sehwag

He said that he understands that Chahar has the power of bowling that is his main strength, but the mind-blowing performance with his bat struck a chord in his heart. Even Chahar himself accepted that he doesn’t get to bat much. Therefore the performance was something that only carved players could do. Being in a second-string team, he expects to get a chance with the mainstream team of India.

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Sehwag said the country needs good players right now, and Chahar reminded him of the way MSD used to play. The difference was MSD used to finish the matches with six, and Chahar did with a four. There’s no doubt everyone was stressed thinking about whether India would win or not, and only Chahar made it possible in the end.

Sehwag said his eyes were glued to the screen, and he was enjoying every bit of the game while watching Deepak perform the magic with his bat on the ground. It was exciting till the end of the game, and no one expected it is coming from a player at the number 8. While giving his front to cricbuzz, Sehwag had joined Nehra, who agreed with every bit of his opinion.

Sehwag added that watching Chahar play made him realize that he is using the tactics of Dhoni to get the victory. Sehwag also appreciated players like Krunal Pandeya and Suryakumar Yadav.