Brother vs sister video of Shreyas Iyer has gone viral!

Have you watched it yet?

A video of Shreyas Iyer featuring her sister has become popular on Instagram. The video also featured his cute doggo Betty. Various people enjoyed the video including Tiger Shroff. Tiger was so impressed with the video that he commented on it.

The fun video was a brother-sister challenge. The pastime challenge was a combination challenge where one person was going to point a finger in any direction and the other had to look in the opposite direction. Both the siblings lost once on the way to perfect coordination.

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Their cute pet was enjoying the game but she had enough and left. Shreyas also pointed it out and wrote in the caption ” Betty was the umpire until she had enough”. The video is really funny and you might find it entertaining.

Guess that is why it grabbed the attention of Baghi fame Tiger Shroff who replied with the laughing emoji. It is observed that Tiger generally does not comment on any cricketer’s social media posts.

The captain of the Delhi Capitals had to go through surgery this year. He suffered the laceration while playing against England in an ODI match hosted by India. He is currently in the resting phase while recovering. Rishabh Pant had to fill Iyer’s absence in the DC team as a captain for IPL.

Not only IPL but Iyer was also missed at the World Test Championship final. He also lost the chance to showcase his stature in the upcoming series that will take place in Sri Lanka in July.

We only wish Iyer to recover soon so he can participate in other upcoming series. India is going to play a test series against England, starting on the 4th of August. Hosted by England the match will happen in Trent Bridge at Nottingham.