Bhuvneshwar would not be seen in the Test for some time

Everyone has their way of preparation, and Bhuvi has too. Being the perfect use for Indian cricket, the player is an asset. He is currently in Sri Lanka, playing with Shikhar and the boys. Practicing for the T20s is his goal. Everything’s just fine, but a recent report suggested that he would not be seen in whites soon. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar has not been seen in a Test since 2018, and he is not planning to join soon. Therefore instead of joining the team present in England to face the English team in a test, he would be in Sri Lanka helping the boys with Dhawan. He wants to dedicate the whole focus towards the T20 world champion. 

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Also, in January 2018, he played the Test against South Africa with exceptional performance. He was the player in the match. That is his last match until now. India can undoubtedly use Bhuvi in England. He is pretty experienced and familiar with the English terrain as well.

According to a BCCI official, the BCCI discussed with Bhuvi about joining the purest format. They concluded that he does not need to be pushed over the edge to play Test matches. He can join whenever he feels like, which would not happen before the ICC T20 world cup tournament.  He has participated as a vice-captain in the team present in Sri Lanka. He is giving an outstanding performance there. However, it has been some time for Bhuvneshwar as well in the whites. It might as well take time for him to be comfortable in the overalls again, let alone the game. Therefore the decision is good for the player as well as the team. At least he will be seen on 25th July in the T20s against Sri Lanka.