Afghanistan Cricket team have a clouded future ahead?

As the last Americans left the Afghani land, the Taliban got the best clasp of everything in Afghanistan. In the current situation, when the whole country has an uncertain future and people living worried about the chaos, many people worldwide are worried about the end of the cricket team. 

Afghanistan Cricket

They think it is uncertain if their team is in good shape after the political shake-ups and about the decisions. Even it is unclear if they would participate in the upcoming T20 World Cup or not. They have already postponed the Australia practice series before the T20 due to the same issue, and no official words have been given about the participation. 

On the other hand, Afghanistan Cricket Board announced that the Taliban is an enthusiast of Sport and would not keep the team from playing T20 or any other fixture in the future. The CEO of ACB was trying to convince them that the political situation would not affect the future of cricket. They even backed the comment by adding that the Taliban “loves” and “supports” the Sport. 

The comments were given to the PTI from Kabul. The spokesperson was assured that all the team members and their families of the national cricket team are safe and secure even after the reign of the Taliban, and it is expected to stay that way. 

Afghani players like Mujeeb Zardan, Rashid Khan, and Muhammad Nabi are in the United Kingdom playing the 100. They have not yet given any official comments on the political situation in their country. 

The CEO of ACB even added that the Sport flourished in the Taliban era as more players got to practice the Sport in Peshawar with Talibani support. If all goes well, we can expect Afghanistan players in the IPL as well.