A new era for Cricket as its popularity grows in Brazil

Cricket is the most favorite game in India despite hockey being our national game. We Indians are crazy about this game. This gentleman’s game originated in England, yet they do not take this sport as seriously as we do. This game is like a religion in our country.


But unfortunately, not everyone in the world feels the same about this sport. Many countries do not even participate in this sport. In countries like America, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil where games like soccer, volleyball, and baseball are already dominating the attention of fans it seems to be difficult for cricket to mark its base. 

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Therefore it is difficult to make a popular fan base for this sport in the whole world. But due to the campaigns by ICC to increase the popularity of sports it has started making a mark in countries like Brazil. There is a small town named Poços de Caldas in Brazil, the nation which is known as soccer champion. The town is gaining attention due to its love for cricket.

The mayor of this town which is situated 450 km away from Rio de Janeiro in the northwest says that the teens and kids here love to play cricket more than soccer. Sérgio Azevedo, the mayor, loves the sport himself. He introduces his hometown as the “Brazilian city where more kids play cricket than football”.

This sport started its journey with only 24 kids in 2010 as a community initiative. Now the whole town plays this sport with hearty zeal. Cricket Brasil has more than 5000 kids participating as pathway programs across the whole nation. The sport is more popular among the girls and Brazil might join the 2023 Women’s T20 world cup with its squad.